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What the press is saying about FULL OF GRACE

Bishop Joseph M. Sullivan, the spiritual visionary and catalyst behind FULL OF GRACE: Journeys of LGBT Catholics, worked on behalf of the poor and downtrodden for Catholic Charities in Brooklyn and Queens. He served as chairman of the Social Development and World Peace Department of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. His work often brought him in touch with the city’s most frail, neglected and impoverished citizens. As whole neighborhoods [...]

While the inclusion of LGBT voices in this month’s World Meeting of Families and papal visit has been an ongoing source of contention, the intersection of LGBT and Catholic identities will be the primary focus of a theater production arriving in Philadelphia next week. [...]

[…] It was very purposeful for us to come here, it seems this is the time when all this issues are coming to the forth. The pope is talking about faith and lives he is doing all over the country this week, and with the meetings of the families happening and we should know that the gay and lesbian community is being excluded from this meeting and we want to do something that is not confrontational and that is really aligns with what the pope wants […]


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